I Have A Patreon

2015-11-09 11:19:23 by GrumpySheep



I finally figured out how to get the money from my patreon, so I decided to revive it. 

My goal so far is just to buy a computer that can handle recording speed paint videos/tutorials. Besides buying food. See, I have a windows 7 from 2007, haven't been able to play good games because of it too lol. Instead of buying a computer I bought my tablet, best decision I made.  

Anyways anyone who sponsors me gets to see comics, tutorials, process gifs I make,  (I'm gonna make the first page free for everyone to see)  people who pay $15 get a mug of a painting they request (they ask me to paint something, then I turn it into a mug.) USA sponsors only though. Same goes for the $20 sponsors, they get a shirt with a design they want me to make, as long as they're in the usa. People who want something for their Youtube can ask me and all that fun stuff.


I'd be glad if you considered it.

If you choose not to, I still upload stuff all the time.  Just not all of the stuff above.